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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  July 28, 2010 4:30pm-6:00pm PST

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police say that canada's programs killed the father of three after robbing him of $17. the pair was investigated after the police caught the surveillance records. neither suspect has entered a plea. it more now with the big new piece of the tower on the bay bridge span we have some video of them raising the signature tower today. it is 165 ft. tall. it is
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one of five that will make up the new section. it will be the centerpiece and kate thompson has been watching at the construction. kate? >> bad day day for the construction, this is really going to be the centerpiece of the eastern stand, joining as is part, how did it go today?. >> it went very well, when we got to love to get out of the water is 1,200 t. we got it all the way to where it needs to be at we're rolling it down on the roswell will bolt into place. >> that is going on today but this project has been going on for years. where are we earlier? he said it was half way? >> yes it depends on your perspective of where the starting point is. if you look at the full eastern span that
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started in 1992 we expected to be opened in 2013. we are more than halfway we are on the final lap >> the centerpiece you always hear about this how or when will that be finished? >> well, ah, we have the first portions of it and there's a total of five lives so we will go well into 2011 going into getting the power to the top of 25 ft.. a >> what about the budget of the bridge, where are we for this man and the eastern section? we >> it 1.4 $3 billion in the entire eastern span of the bridge is 5.4 billion. it will be in the air soon. c'mon >> the fall, will think he's so much for joining us and they will be adding more of these sections over the next few weeks they will complete the entire tower. reporting live by and kate thompson for kron4 news >> once we got close to the new
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target it was clear how big it is. it weighed more than 2 million lbs.. what is happening here is a very slow evolution that takes about 12 hours and this deal section is being moved slowly over and will be dropped into place the size of a basketball court. the >> says the equipment that is moving the tower, it is moving the tower either up or down or side to side and the tower is being suspended by thick cable at the top. even see each of the bass towers will go between the two roadways in is an impressive sight, they keep it into place and it will do it again be when the tower is complete will be 120 people call and will be visible for miles around. we'll have the new
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bridge open by 20 to 13. this is just push for kron4 news >> the new president took the fact that the polls on july 1st and traffic went down by 12,000 per day and that carpoolers are paying a toll. you concede there more than 113,000 drivers paying the toll. the number dropped 849 people. the maximum delay is traveling to the plaza has increased and there is slightly less traffic during the peak >> >> sunny skies this afternoon and temperatures are also little bit warmer especially for inland spots and up into the north bay. we're starting to cool down now that we have reached the upper 70's and low 80s all over. our
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north bay location is cooling down to 68 lows 70's down and said it. it is one to be a little bit slower to push back into night and more extensive fog. 5 degrees over what was thought to date. into the weekend we're going to keep the trend to minimum fall and are details coming up in just a bit. >> at the bay bridge toll plaza we have light traffic coming in to you from san francisco and others take a look over the bay bridge at the top. zero
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welcome back order bring you back to new developments in san francisco. they have it, the first cars are moving through.
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the roadway is now opened after protesters were blocking the street. it is continuing by the federal building and the crowd is nothing out of the protest writing down. to san jose they're going to put off a decision on the ballot initiative to have the baseball team move over next spring. there are pressing to have it on the november ballot per game and irate reaction from major-league baseball that has meant the last 16 months mauling over whether or not to allow the athletics to move to separate. they have offered to help pay for 1 million special elections next room. at the >> it everybody has agreed that the election on request is for debt initiative for the progress will be done quickly, it is the process that we're letting play out, before 02 ballot. the cause more than $4 million. >> want to privately finance up
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stadium near san jose and major league baseball has to decide if the a's can move to san jose which is part of the giant territory. the needed approval from three-quarters of the league's owners to make the move. san francisco's supervisors have improved the neighborhood, it will be an artist rendering of the plan which will include 10,000 residential units and the parks and open space on 702 a. of land. the proposal will also include a new stadium and the team has indicated that they will be going ahead with the plans to build the stadium in santa clara. >> things are going to warm up over the next couple of days, very gradually but we will start to see warmer conditions into the weekend. will have details and a full-court press and about seven minutes to .
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bill flames have been tense for homes s o raging wildfire has been partially contained and threatened to 50 others. kron4 news reports on the battle to keep the fire from doing even more damage >> what began as of vegetation and fired tear the old ranch community a quickly turned into raging inferno. it burned everything in its past. the fire it is one of two elements the world's that forced thousands to evacuate their homes. it is now partially contained and it has burned down dozens of homes. the other fire in sequoia has burned more than a dozen and it is nearly 24 square miles. firefighters have barely made a dent. they are making it ground and pitching in to help start the fire. average >> but chips and and there are a lot of neighbors that open up
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their wells and to assist the fire department. >> they are under a state of emergency in the shelter has been set up but a local junior high school to assist evacuees. >> kron4 news as jonathan pro abloom with more for where the fires are located. >> this fire here, is south of have to be. bill deal closer look on google earth. just as of this afternoon be updated the acreage to 1400 and the court into the fire department that is blind that the fire department has begun to draw long. it is more than 45%. it makes them very vulnerable and there is a lot of grassland you concede some of the area where at least 40 homes now have been burned they could a potentially been destroyed by the firing of they
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were evacuated from their home and some of them are going to be able to return to their homes as the fire continues to be put out. i know this is a very active fire, there's people trying to be prevented to a populated area and it is burning in current county. right up continuing county it 14,000 a. is burning and on populated areas. >> officials are making good progress there has been it nearly 200 fires and a 90 percent contained why start in addition to 187 fires burning in other parts, there are other counties in the area and they had not read any structures,
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most of the buyers are less than acre and they have been contained. >> live look out side from our rifkind, it is gorgeous and setting skies over downtown san francisco. it is very nice down there right now the sunshine is up and down the coastline. the temperatures have one gets into the '70s in the north bay and 72 and set arose that at 79 after right now! it is about five degrees warmer in most locations of looking at tonight into tomorrow things will stay mainly clear because the fog is offshore. it will move back and but it will be less expensive out there this morning. when it is pushed back to the coastline and shortly thereafter it will be mainly sunny clouds
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>> the temporary capital is
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point to be holding firm and said is not the only still in the gulf of mexico, you're looking at oil gas and water gushing from an abandoned well off of the coast of louisiana. the picture shaky but you can get a good look at that will help will be shut down by late today or maybe tomorrow. they're not clear how much oil had spilled but it is described as minuscule compared to the big spill. it is a very nasty oil spill that has happened and mr. kantor river, or than 8,000 gal. have flowed into it. the company operating the may there's 400 people that will be working in containing this bill and will is leaking from a dirty inch pipeline, it is already killing
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fish around the kalamazoo river in michigan. the man in charge of the whistle-blower organization says he does not know too it provided the census terry military documents. the papers were posted a few days ago and the white house is very angry about this. among those trying to find out more about the source, are the fbi. they told the senate yesterday that they will help them in a criminal investigation. mark? >> relief on the way, more work is being done for highway for commuters. there's a widening project an additional four lanes from lover rich to the west of summer's spill. the project will also include a media and an extension across the county and a new internet change at leverage. it will take about three years to complete. as we take a quick break here, the economist at five is moving a
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little bit better as they're showing of three lanes, but earlier it was sluggish and especially near the toll plaza. the san mateo bridge is also moving swiftly and on the left is the eastbound commute as you make your way eastbound into san the sale from this afternoon, on the west, moving right.
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now credit dead came into second consumers' word about predatory lending illegal or abuse of debt collection taxes and mortgage related fraud. shoddy work and failure to start or complete the job put home improvement in construction and the no. 3 slot. utilities and retail sales roundup the top thought if if you like to check out the entire list of consumer complaints visit a look for what section. a program reminder changes this friday with the giants game on nbc. nbc programming here on kron 4. look for dateline eddied spall fall by special monday edition and
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w.w. he moves to saturday at 7:00 p.m..
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live this is kron 4 news at 6:00. our top story at 6:00 the state budget battle has the governor ordering for lows again for state workers. the last round of furloughs and in june during that time workers missed 46 days of work which adds up to about 14% pay cut. kron 4 dan, and joins us now with more on the decision and the impact of state workers. >> for the workers were talking about three days a month starting in august the governor has made his decision for several key reasons. first the legislature has passed a budget second state comptroller announced a state could run out of cash as early as october so we'll start issuing ious in august and september. that's all the governor had here in order to conserve cash she has no choice but to the furlough state workers until the legislature
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passes a budget. >> that will save approximately a hundred 50 million per month. it affects about a hundred 50,000 employees. there's approximately 7000 employees were exempt. >> to what about the exemptions it seems like your employes are being furloughed. >> on hundred 66,000 this time compared to under 30,000. more departments are exempted departments that make money like the franchise tax board if places like the employment development department and six employe unions that are already reached tentative agreements those are also exempt from this agreement. >> what's the reaction from state workers. >> they were very upset the said there were sad, shocked the said it this is going at a lot more stress to their lives. with the recession alone it's a problem but now this has more problems they think the governor is pushing this off on the back of workers he should take a pay cut the legislature should to the pickup appeared another one said
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the legislature should never got a vacation until the pass the budget. >> another year without a state budget in place. on the bay bridge tower it's getting its legs today. crews are busy putting four large pieces and place as he can see from the animation on the work that distorted. kron 4 kate thompson live on treasure island with more on the progress. >> a big day for the bridge as they put that first place pieces into place to build this enormous then what you see it with this tower now. if you take the bottom of the tile work and put it on top of the existing tower that will give you some idea of how high a you will be able to see the tower from san francisco. currently you can even see the eastern span from san francisco. we want to assure you animation from throughout the day starting at 6:00 a.m. of the lifting this enormous piece
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of steel into place. it was laying flat on a barge they had to lift it up, suspended over the steel beams which are sticking out of the concrete foundation. it's kind of a very careful and slow process taking more than 12 hours because they have to thread a needle by placing this deal on top of these metal beams which are sticking out that they can secure it to. we do want to show you the animation of what it will look like what it is complete. this is a look at what the tower will look like. standing 525 ft. tall this will be part of the suspension. this will not be completed until late 2011. the tower the entire bridge not been completed until 2013. kron 4 jeff bush got a closer look at them putting this new piece in place today. he took a ride out on a boat to get a firsthand look. >> what's happening is a slow evolution contractor said it will take about 12 hours the basically what's happening is
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this deal section is being slowly over and will be dropped in a place on a platform the size of a basketball court. there doing it with this piece of equipment it's the strain gantry jack the towers connected to the jackies in these high tension string cables. it lists the mass of peace up and moves on track until the tower is in place. it's no small task its precision work and requires a keen eye and steady hand on the controls. it's a hundred 65 ft. tall and weighs more than 2 million lbs.. once the section is in place caltrans has 03 more identical pieces and place to make up the bass section of a larger structure which will be 525 ft. tall when it's done. you can see the tower will go up in between the two sections of the roadway. caltrans said the new section of the bay bridge is the largest public works project in california history. the eastern span is scheduled to open in 2013 on the bay jeff bush kron 4 news. >> hundreds call the psychic injury riders stranded. ec
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dispute partly over today. 41 lines and seen cancellations today. >> and great ac transit riders are waiting in some cases up to one hour for boss. kron 4 decided to find out who is stepping in to help the stranded riders. we tried oakland mayor ron dellums office since he stepped in on other disputes. the mayor's office said he's following the ac transit issue but is not stepped in yet. he might consider getting involved at a later time. assembly members laundry swanson of oakland told kron 4 she sent two letters to the board of directors urging them to negotiate. he's also been in contact with the union and he meets with the vice president of the board of directors on thursday. we also called the ec transit board of directors, which like board is elected
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board and not under control by any local government. a board member told kron 4 there investigating what rules and discipline if they have their disposal to get drivers back to work. finally kron 4 contacted the metropolitan transportation commission which allocates a large portion of the funds ac transit receives. if the mtc says well they do have an oversight role if the starkly they've chosen not to get involved in day-to-day operations. they are however following this issue from a distance. christine conley kron 4 news. >> the union going on the suspended while the two sides go through arbitration. ac transit said if that happens all have to make drastic decisions including ending we can service altogether. that possibility is not sitting well with rider's here's what some of them had to say. >>, a man can't win. a bottom line were the ones were going to
6:07 pm
suffer either way rate cuts, price goes up know we can serve both jobs and we can how are we supposed to get to work. >> someone comes all the way out here to visit their parents and they're canceling the buses on the weekend. that makes no sense. >> i'll walk us sunday's of that saves millions of dollars. >> i hope some resolution is not first and a desire to get crazy. in >> ac transit said the judge rules against in this weekend the weekend service could be suspended as soon as mid september. >> temperatures starting to cool off rate now but we did see warming out there this afternoon. same thing of the north bay. to succeed in oakland, 79 in napa and nice and mild. upper '70's and low 80's for inland spots and low '70's
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down in the south bay. the fog to peel off the coastline this afternoon. it will be a little slower to push back in tonight. tomorrow morning less extensive fog and temperatures will warm about five degrees in the afternoon. were back on the warm trend which will continue into the weekend was minimal fog and mild temperatures. we'll take a look at your extended forecast coming up a bit stay with us will be right back after this break.
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oahu or to increase our reports. this line is he keeps going and going as many as 2000 parents some with children in tow openness sign up for the three backpacks and school supplies to be given away august 13th. >> sign your name and the names of your kids. >> this is what we're talking
6:12 pm
about backpacks that could cost of current 30 or $50 limit of 34 kids and can afford them. their supplies you can see behind me that include no pads, kranz and pencils and the thing that would cost parents' money. some those people include members of the middle class was in this land for the very first time. >> it's a reality check is what it is. it's mean and looking at all these other people i would never have stand in the line but in actuality a guest this reality out there. reality >> will get harder for those standing awaiting sacred heart said they only have 1700 backpack for now some people have to go home empty-handed. in san jose kron 4 news. >> to go or website at you can check the line for sacred heart to find out how you can donate to the backpack. >> the governor has vetoed a bill to give california for workers overtime pay for working over 40 hours a week. some labor
6:13 pm
is different because of seasonal it depends on the weather and requires harvesting perch what crops. if increasing over time would make california a less competitive with other states appear democratic state said the republican governor miss the chance to reverse the shameful practice the treats farm workers as a lower class. if will have more kron 4 news right after this. ♪ [ horns honking ] ♪ [ male announcer ] come into an at&t store and experience tv like you've never seen before.
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80 oakland police officers already cut to and now the possibility of over 100 more officers could be cut in january today oakland merchants met to discuss how to keep their businesses save. kron 4 reports on the concerns of a nervous business owners. >> the line off of the 80 oakland cops is a major public safety issue for participants at this open richest leadership
6:17 pm
>> please are going to come down there to help you in fact it does not to call my one elicits a violent crime as a merchant it scares me. unconcerned the safety of my tenants and their well-being. as well as our staff. >> tron find ways to alleviate these types of concerns from shopowners was the purpose of today's meetings was too sweet dough. >> form was about how to keep our customers and merchants say from crime. >> nervous that it's the crime is going to get worse. but i'm nervous that my people went to come and feel safe to come in the evening to get their hair down. >> been no images like this ordered what sears still remain weeks after the johannes mehserle verdict when merchant said concerns about public safety in downtown are just plain overblown. >> because the news makes it seems like a oakland downtown your boy to be attacked, you're
6:18 pm
born to be threatened. bodily harm will occur to you that's not true at all other stories making news around the bay 24 year-old suspect george huggins' appeared in court today to be formally charged with murder. he and his girlfriend are accused of killing a man from virginia last week. a car crash killed one team and injured five others in vacaville. the car crashed into a wall much free trade in san popple for people are not displaced after fire broke out in their homes when those people had to be taken to hospital with smoke inhalation. the cause of the fire is still unknown. and of the house far this one in richmond believe to be suspicious. officials say the house was empty when the fire started off the damage was extensive. also in richmond to water mains all of seven street dozens of customers were left without water officials say repairs are taking longer than expected but everything should be back to normal tonight. san jose will now be waiting until the spring to put a ballot
6:19 pm
measure on the ballot to decide whether the city wants to build a new stadium and bring the oath and athletics to the south bay. there chuck reed led the way to push back from the november ballot to after major league baseball offered to help pay the $1 million cost of holding a special election next year. there read said baseball's offered the city needed to take a step back. >> although i do think we put in the ballot in november we would win. it's an important consideration the extra cost of having a special election is as important consideration to me. now that and albee has offered to pay for some of those extra costs and it's inappropriate to stand back and let the commissioner finishes work. >> they're read has tried to put the initiative for the $490 million privately funded stadium on the november ballot if after lb that 16 months past while they're considering the move to
6:20 pm
the south bay. three-quarters of baseball's owners need to approve the move to santa clara which is considered san francisco giants territory. oakland mayor ron dellums it is playing for keeps. he released a statement and lopes in hopes the team will stay put. in the letter listed a number of ways he hopes the city is the working with and will be he believes the steps approval pitch, we believe the steps of mr. continued commitment to keeping the a's in oakland. it is clear that our city as a viable plan to complete such a transaction. if a look from san francisco today a rally outside the federal building over immigration reform. supporters of emigration rights have something to cheer about when a federal judge struck down key parts in it to arizonas not tough immigration law. it was posted go into effect tonight a minute past midnight. a u.s. justice department challenge the law saying it would lead to racial profiling. >> arizona gov. jan for were
6:21 pm
reacting to today's decision by a federal judge demonstrators gathered outside the courthouse. it was close to the public because of the emotion surrounding the case. judge bullock temporarily blocked imports and of the most controversial provisions of arizonas senate bill 1070. she said no to the part of the law required please officers to check a person's immigration status wallet forcing other laws. notre requiring non- citizens that emigration papers with them all times. >> i raise this lot apartheid law. >> the federal government see the provisions would lead to racial profiling. gov. park and supporters of the law say it is vital in protecting the state's legal >> residents> we're being invaded by illegal immigration in the state of arizona. >> a cnn poll indicates most americans agree with her 55 percent say they approve of the law. at the same time 54 percent said they will lead to greater
6:22 pm
discrimination against hispanics. look at this what ask whether or not they think the law will reduce illegal immigration only 48 percent said yes. one thing both sides agree on the issue was not settled today. arizona officials are already working on an appeal and the ultimate decision is likely to come from here the u.s. supreme court. >> last year even without a lot arizona shares turnover 26,000 suspected illegal immigrants to federal authorities. today we've been asking kron 4 viewers what they think of the judge's decision to block those parts of the law. our web producer carefully joins us now with the latest cause. >> comments of the flooding are facebook fan page about this topic. that's a good look at them. tanner rights i don't believe this is for a judge to decide if they want to put it to the people for " i have no issue with that. i think the judge had a valid point with the wave of law was written was when very likely to result in improper rest of people who are here legally. boycotts in shores city
6:23 pm
like l.a., san francisco in sacramento. if you'd like to hear about this immigration law at or what you think visit a live look at side from our mount tam cam the fog push will shore this afternoon even in the north bay which led to a warmer temperatures. tonight into tomorrow it will be mostly clear this evening the baltic a little longer to push back in by 7:00 tomorrow morning we will be seeing coastal and a fall of just not quite as extensive as it has been importing pass. if by the afternoon sunny skies and temperatures warming up another five degrees tomorrow. racine temperatures back into the upper 80s and our inland spots. bob tracker for tomorrow morning and as the fog is not affecting our inland spots nearly as much at 6:00 a.m. it started scaling back. covering the north bay and the bay shores and of course the " slide. by 80 on the fog pushing off the north and a
6:24 pm
lawful warrants in rosa and lingering around the bay shores. it will move offshore tomorrow. this will be the same trend for the next couple of days with less extensive fog and warmer temperatures. by the weekend temperatures in lynn will be in the mid to upper 80s sold though were quite a bit but still stay below average for this time of year. >> program reminder giants game on nbc nbc programming here on kron 4. dateline at 8:00 p.m. followed by a special 90 minute edition of the kron 4 news at 10. w w e smacked down will move edition of the kron 4 news at 10. w w e smacked down will move to saturday at 7:00 p.m..
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tanks in part to a social media marketing campaign old spice body wash sales have increased in the past months our web producer kimberly has more on me man your man to smell like. >> the increase in sales to be credited to i say of mustafa ak the old spice guy. silver bowl
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flames have been tearing through homes in raging wildfire. firefighters say they've partially contained the blazes that a party consumes of 25 structures and threaten 150
6:31 pm
others. kron 4 vicki reports on the battle to keep the fire from doing even more damage. >> what began as a vegetation fire southwest near the old west ridge community quickly turned into a raging inferno. burning everything in its path. nearly 400 firefighters are tackling the blaze by air and on the ground. that fire is one of two mostly rural that forced thousands to evacuate their homes. now partially contained its scorched to score miles and burn down dozens of homes. the other fire in sequoia national forest as burn more than a dozen homes in outbuildings is silly 24 square miles of fire fighters have barely made a dent. some residents are holding ground pitching in to help fight the fire. >> everybody chips and there's a lot of the neighbors around hoping their wells and tanks to assist the fire department trade >> current county is under
6:32 pm
states of emergency shelters and set up at a junior high school to assist evacuees. vicki kron 4 news. >> to get a better idea of the size of the fire kron 4 jonathan blum joins us now to show us exactly where the flames are. >> 1 up near current told that since the korean national park that's huge. this one is one- tenth of the size 10 times is dangerous. this one down here like near to hatch a key he conceded around the fire that's where firefighters have built containment lines are only calling as 25 percent contained because the open line every means is very volatile. look at all the glass that can catch fire at a moment's notice. this fire is 1,400 a., destroyed close to 30 homes 2300 people have been evacuated and that is only be considered a quarter contained because huge possibilities the wind will kick in and blow the fire towards the community of to have to keep. the fires burning through hilly
6:33 pm
grass seed light brush type of very after their roads that are closed whole lot of homes threatened. a hundred 50 threatened and 30 have been burned down. this is a more dangerous fire closed 800 people trying to fight it in close up the remainder of the fire. >> right now we have kron 4 crews could restore is important to you. >> here in california furloughs are back for state workers. the decision from governor arnold schwarzenegger he says because we have no budget it will furlough state workers in august for three days a month. how many people does this impact? about 156,000 and as soon as the state budget is passed and signed the furloughs go away. dan from kron 4 news. >> at the bay bridge the first piece of the 525 ft. tower which will be the centerpiece of the eastern span of the bay bridge was put into place today. all
6:34 pm
hours to move that for section which weighs 2.3 million lbs. on to the foundation. there are three more pieces that have to be put into place to complete the section and there will be five more legs before the entire tower is complete. the cost is now over $6 billion. reporting from treasure island kron 4 news. >> continuing with our big story kron 4 got up close look at the work being done on the bay bridge. caltrans to the media on a tour of the section of the bridge on their boats. you can see the new section listed in the air by equipment called a strand gantry jack. it lists the peace up and moved into place and gently lores it down. the process took 12 hours long to complete and out caltrans has to do it three more times for the bass section of the new tower to be complete. treasure island kron 4 news. >> and another big this dispute ac transit union stretches into
6:35 pm
a second week there are more delays and cancellations of buses. kron 4 decided to ask local politicians to see if anyone is stepping in to end the dispute. ron dellums major cities following the situation but has yet to step been carried sondra swanson said he sent two letters to the ec transport of records and is looking for what the board member on thursday urging negotiations. christine conley kron 4 news. >> here at the terminal riders are growing increasingly frustrated as a labor dispute between ec transit and the bus drivers' strike on. here's what >> you've a mind to say> why are you hurting us were standing for hours. we didn't do anything to you were just trying to go to work man. >> fire the drivers and hire new drivers. >> the drivers and management deserve each other. >> i might even go back into my car until this things over. >> merchants and oakland are
6:36 pm
getting together and poison their concerns regarding public safety now the zero p d has 80 less officers on the force. >> as a merchant oakland having the please be laid off i'm nervous that the crime will get worse. >> you want to make sure there's an image out there in the region that oakland is safe, oakland is about family. >> keep our customers and merchants safe from crime. >> san jose the line is a sign of the times the signing up for free backpacks and school supplies. the poor economy the line is longer than ever. two dozen people lined up around the building as you can see here around the block and down the street. people in line come with two, three or four children they don't have the money to pay for the school needs. school supplies comes a $20 ticket to buy shoes they hope will make life a bit easier. >> big weather story less fog
6:37 pm
expected for the next couple of days here's a live look from our mount tam cam you can see clear skies. we will see minimal fog for the next several days which will help our temperatures warm. if there boy to warm gradually though pure tomorrow you will notice of their five degrees of warming expected temperatures low 80's for the most part shelter in the location seventies around the bay and '60s close to the closely carried in the weekend temperatures will fall bought upper 80s inland by sunday mild little coast and along the bay. >> program reminder nbc programming on kron 4 dateline in ppm, 97 edition of kron 4 news at 10:00 and dr. philip will be seen earlier at 3:00 p.m. and w w e smack down moves to saturday at 7:00 p.m..
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this does hit films on a 4.3-inch screen so big, the way you see them will never be the same. introducing the new droid x. pre-loaded with blockbuster. the next generation of does. here's stanley roberts and found some people behaving badly. as
6:41 pm
the bus pulls up to the bus supposed who pay attention to the woman in the red hook. she is blocking the door while passengers are trying to exit the boss she's climbing on the bus. the lady in the bluejacket just one off that's having a hard time because no one appears to want to get out of her way. at the center door the same problem. passengers blocking the bus what people are trying exit. over on stockton street another inch bust this time watch how people boarding the bus crowd the door. it's hard to see but look carefully there are actually two people trying to exit the bus at the same time. if your going to ride public transportation advocate dictate to wake of the passengers had to the bus before you board many people seem to have a me first attitude were no one else in the world matters except them. here's another example what the lady in the red as the doors
6:42 pm
opened she stopped to pick up something block the door and she tries to board but is told to wait till the driver to lead off the disabled passenger. look i know you're a rush but if you just wait a moment you will all be able to board. if not another bus will run shortly. oh that's right muni let's just say another possible ride. this gentleman that help the city of the bus they queue. in san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news. >> of a common story idea for stanley e-mail us at giants taking on the marlins and and on usual late afternoon game at the ballpark gary has either and will some of the tells straight ahead.
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good evening everybody you know the story the giants are in the playoffs and want up the middle and the giants, a rare four- o'clocks storage that's one of those deals giants management city all got together and said hey let's see how this works early afternoon. buster posey here's the thing to watch the rookie is now hitting 21 straight games the all-time rookie record is that 22 straight. the all-time giant record but is 26 hits. at one point the giants led florida at 9-to any figure this babies about over but back, the florida marlins. they've been coming back to giants get a little stronger. here's taurus the little guy gets the water. bonds used to do that without blinking but very few guys can these days. here come the marlins. but
6:47 pm
to run homer makes it 9-7. then i have to give our producer jason up long credit this just seconds ago brian wilson blew the save and rbi double to tie the game that night. that's how they stand now giants sitting in the bottom of the night. it is 9-97 cisco having blown and 9-2 lead. brian wilson find about the dollar's he wore torn shoes and was fined $1,000. he said the shoe company gave him the shoes to wear the all-star game and said it kinda like the men wore them against the florida marlins and indeed that's against the dress code. he's one of these guys that does like all the attention and likes to be different he's got the mohawk care cut. when you play and a team of rule is a rule. cycling on the news and not wearing a
6:48 pm
tie. terrible it's a violation. there in texas came work in your closet ease man right? >> yes. >> i would like to spend $10 million on a guy and then we know my elbow hurts. the season's over he has a torn flexor tendon in his throwing elbow same elbow that required surgery in 2009. i would say this in a nice way cup of cocoa chris came here because all these guys came in here a clipping the took the money they a's could give them and there you go $10 million he won four games this season is over. the nfl is your the raiders' reporting today in nassau it doesn't matter how many games to win a commitment to excellence is always there. there you go
6:49 pm
jason campbell named by a, a cable as a starting quarterback that's no surprise. >> i know were going to be a good team are not afraid to say that them were going to go after the a at sea west i believe that's what were going to do. it's not anybody's did in 614 that's too bad it doesn't work like that you have to play the games. this team will be ready to do that. >> he always leaves in a quandary he was kind of what this last night. jackie covered many things he wrote for? >> i used to get it via syndication on line. would you rather have a coach like cable breaking he saying they were going after the championship would you rather have that or caution? >> marc to caution her bravado.
6:50 pm
>> caution trade >> when you got the job you to be cautious and take the modesty but when you like cable if i know when i'm out anyway sisal talk big. >> could the water to games. >> if somebody says hawke of davis brought cable back because he could find anybody in the price range didn't want to pay off. warrior owner joe is making the rounds in the rumblings are here's his line he's been using on every piece of media he does. he says don nelson future to things want either don will be back, or he will be back. so they do joke. here's the deal they have to pay a $6 billion if the lead on goals he seven years of age and here's the thing. it's not as easy a decision as it sounds your new motor maybe you will come and
6:51 pm
make couple roast why not have nelson they're to blame for everything pitched things don't go as opposed to bringing in new guy we're still in short and then your new hero here gets blamed for everything. i would be surprised if don nelson is still blowing a whistle in november. good news for warriors star stephanie creek named united states baseball team. they have to cut three more of their going to go to new york and worked out your this team will go to the world championships in turkey and keep in mind no look ron james, no dwayne weighed all the great players are going to wait for the olympics and a few years read from his fellow who tire recall evans was a rookie of the year he was cut from the squad. here's the newest warrior david lee had a serious thinker injury so yet to drop those of the u.s. qualifying periods gavin newsome he's really getting his picture taken by sports people. for 20
6:52 pm
years of service today is david lee day. july 28th at tall guy his day in the city. >> it's david lee day today and san francisco i don't think it would earn that yes from a basketball standpoint but it said to be part of a new city and a new community. i think we have great things on the way hopefully we can take care of business. >> he's off to a great start to he made his way over to el dorado elementary school in services to worried join forces with the warriors to donate money so they can repurchase their outdoor basketball courts. go ahead and what you're saying for $80 million to think he could pay for scimitar an accord. nonetheless it's the idea he made the effort to and word is he showed up without to an entourage. when we returned a phenomenal round by a phenomenal 17 year-old golfer. this is one
6:53 pm
of those you really have to see to believe marked you know about this? jackie are you aware? don't move its phenomenal next. those people are happy
6:54 pm
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if you don't see at and have an accredited news product like ron telling you about you will believe it. this is bobby why act 17 years of age, second round of the alabama coal association's state junior championship par 71 trade mobile alabama he shoots 57 that's 14 and under seven new course record broke the old record. a 17 year-old shoots of 57. the sad part is bobby had out and had 18 girlfriends in the past
6:57 pm
week, and dole. michael is tired of the three to one or two-one because that would be news. >> i think we got them. >> thank you mike. cf.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
"the insider" is behind the headlines on today's big celebrity news. i'm lara spencer. >> it's time to take a side. "the insider" is on. >> do you want to destroy me and see me die? >> mel's explosive voice mail. 30 manic calls all in one night attacking his ex. >> then -- >> i can't comment on that. i'm sorry. >> hammered with questions. is this oksana's new lawyer. >> this is your chance to set the record straight. >> lisa bloom on the record only with us tonight. >> can you confirm that you were there meeting with oksana's current legal team? >> hillary clinton in manhattan. where she's spotted with bride to be chelsea's wedding dress. >> the wedding gift that just landed on chelsea's doorstep.


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